No bell on this door, but a real antique knocker which still echoes as it did in ancient times, reminder of those days when logs were gently burning in high fireplaces, letting bee-waxed furnitures appear in a soft lighting.

The key of Doctor J., who came and lived in this house long before the French Revolution, still hangs behind the old studded door.
Following the footsteps of this first official inhabitant, the visitor enters the entrance hall which is divided by two arches.
One leads to the bedrooms upstairs, the other to the threshold of a sunny garden…

The spirit of the house

Chandelier, corkscrew, basket, doily and other grand-ma’s treasures are visibly displayed on the mantelpiece or on the contrary hidden deep in a drawer… Numerous little objects, useful or not, have the value of relics… which is why they are solemnly kept.

Here, the askew walls, the awry wooden floors and the lopsided beams challenge the rules of perpendicularity and parallelism…
Nothing stands completely upright or in the correct angle but thanks to the magic of the place, the house is still standing!
The atmosphere is one of a kind, much to suit the lady of the house who entertains friendly relationships with local painters, ceramists and designers.

« Please do come in » … Once inside, the Jardins secrets guest is invited to discover, step by step, the discreet charms of this ancient house, situated in a small oasis of peacefulness, in the midst of the city.